Moon Bunny
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This is a step by step process on how I create a character. From sketch, to cleaned up character. I do all of my clean up and coloring in Flash. It is an unorthodox way of doing it, but I like the clean look of vector art. But I try to mix some of my traditional illustration style as well. Hope this helps anyone.  10 July 14 - 117 notes

This is beautiful…
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me and my friend yujin cosplaying at anime expo 2014!!!!! our costumes were so appreciated (≖ ´ ᗢ `≖)ゞ
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How I’m displaying my 90s luna pen #sailormoon 09 July 14 - 94 notes


Absolutely loving the explosion of Sailor Moon everywhere. Thousands are talking about it on Facebook, so many of the pages I follow are talking about it too and selling sailor moon products and holding sailor moon sales, so many attended the Sailor Moon panel at anime expo, millions of hits across the sites airing act 1 of SMC…EVERYONE is talking about it!

Moonies unite!
*starts singing moon pride*

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